Professional art installation and hanging

King & Wilson Essential Art Services offers a local art installation and hanging service from our Sydney and Melbourne branches.

With experienced art handlers and professional equipment, we offer domestic, gallery and art fair installation services.

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Expert handling and processes

We have transported a wide range of art objects, large and small, for museums, galleries, art fairs as well as private collectors and auction houses. Our fine art transport team has the expertise and experience to manage the logistics for entire exhibitions, including packing and crating, transport and installation.

Secure equipment and facilities

Our secure vehicles are custom built for art transport and feature racking and carton hold areas specifically designed to prevent movement and vibration. Insulated and equipped with GPS tracking and hydraulic tail-lifts, our fleet is only operated by trained members of our Essential Art Services team.

Professional art packing

Our experienced packing and crating team use a range of archival packing materials and standardised techniques to prepare art objects of any size, weight, construction and sensitivity for any mode of transport. Our exhibition crates are made to be easily unpacked and re-packed.

Our specialist art packing materials include:

  • Museum or gallery specification foam lined timber crates to ISPM15 Certification
  • Handmade bespoke cardboard boxes and sleeves
  • Tyvek
  • Softlon
  • Cellaire wrap
  • Ethafoam

Our manual handling processes and procedures have been designed in consultation with professional conservators to ensure outstanding quality, safety and consistency in all our packing tasks.

Should you require it, we can also arrange:

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